NGOs for CSR Funding in India

The Government is paving the way to help NGOs in India like Antarkranti through various schemes, policies, frameworks and infrastructure. Also, civil society organizations are advancing the aim and objectives of the Government with various well-designed programs.

In addition to this, NGOs for CSR funding in India has an immense reign to change the fate of Antarkranti and many other development organizations. For us, they can assist us through brilliant infrastructure, financial power and good quality human resources proving as a catalyst in improving the prisoner’s rehabilitation through sustainable and innovative solutions. With the participation of corporate sector, well-planned interventions can be planned for the transformation of offenders.

Consideration of human rights is one of the major objectives of CSR corporate support and providing a helping hand to the needy will involve the business in a good cause.


With the provision of funds and business involvement, it helps in filling the gaps required for prisoners in rehabilitation, reformation and reintegration, that includes-

In-Kind Donation

The monetary funds or gifts in the form of goods and services such as computers, furniture, software, furniture, and other equipment for an organization are known as in-kind donation. It facilitates better growth, safety and welfare of the prisoners.

Education for Prisoners

Knowledge of various subjects can help a person to self-realise and improve. Providing education to prisoners is a great move towards literacy and positivity. It will also help them in becoming self-reliant and independent.

Healthcare for Well-being

Health is the top-most priority for all; helping prisoners with all medical facilities and emergency treatments will assist them towards a secure life. Healthy living will lead to involvement in better thinking, response and work.

Livelihood Skills Development

Corrective and rehabilitative interventions for product-making, skill development, spiritual awakening and employment help the prisoners to be engaged and creative.

Psychological Support

It might be devastating for many to get confined in jail. They require mental rejuvenation through various spiritual awakening activities and Yoga Shivir.

Child Higher Education Support

It would be difficult for prisoners to fulfill the education needs of children. Antarkranti ensures to aid them for child higher education support.


Helping the needy with a small amount of loans to start some business or lead an entrepreneurial life is an initiative through micro-finance. It includes savings accounts, insurance, loans, money transfers and other banking services.

Community Support

With our support and encouragement, a step forward is taken towards creating an anti-crime society and awakening them towards the value of their lives, positive attitude and actions. Our efforts in assisting them will prove to be a boon for them.

Women empowerment

Women empowerment gives encouragement to women to accomplish goals and recreate themselves by enhancing their self-confidence and motivating to lead an independent life.

Thus, national CSR funding can do wonders for the real causes and corporates should render their maximum efforts to fulfill the needs of NGOs in the best possible manner.


When businesses come forward to address the neglected issue of prisoner rehabilitation and crime prevention, they are proactive towards the social responsibilities which in turn benefit them too. Therefore, it is a win-win situation as the victims get assistance and the businesses are benefitted from-

  • Improved Brand Recognition
  • Positive Reputation
  • Staff retention and talent attraction
  • Enhanced sales
  • Customer loyalty
  • Better and stable finance
  • Better growth
Having numerous private organizations worldwide, their participation in Corporate Social Responsibility funding for NGO will be a blessed step for future success. It can be in a wide range of scope including monetary funds, conducting programs, education, nutrition, livelihood, health, bulk products purchase, welfare activities, etc.

Antarkranti has been receiving through our proud supporters and major players like FICCI, Ranbaxy, ONGC, Tech Mahindra, The Leela, Aviva, RBS, ITC, and many more. Likewise, we keep accepting as well as call for corporates assistance towards the righteous goal towards mankind and humanity. It will open varied opportunities for NGOs like ours.

Sensitization of the
Society towards the Cause

A ruthless action of society towards this stratum would never rehabilitate and reintegrate them completely.The general public needs a high level sensitization for accepting the prisoner & family back to society. Sharing of people responsibilities in creating opportunities for the beneficiary will provide a comfortable space for their growth and development. In this regard, sensitizing workshops, conferences & seminars are often organized by the program self or in collaboration.